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Currently, we are in Phase 2 of the Public Health Order. In this regard, the VTA is bound by the direction given to us by ViaSport/Tennis BC.

In summary form, the following presently applies:

  • For all sports, ViaSport’s definition of an adult is a person who is 22 years of age or older.
  • Only private lessons can be given to adults (one adult per coach). However, Tennis BC has indicated that should 2 people from the same household work with a coach. then this is acceptable.
  • When playing tennis or on a tennis court a 3-meter rule for social distancing applies. This is different to the Public Health Order that requires 2 meters for social distancing.
  • For coaching for juniors (players under 22 years of age), there can be up to 4 players per coach.
  • As of this date, a partial loosening of the singles/doubles rule is in effect.  At an outdoor facility only, Doubles tennis is permitted as long as the 3-meter rules for social distancing can be adhered to.  This rule was changed recently from the previous rules at the beginning of February 2021 (under the Order of Provincial Health Officer – Gatherings and Events – “If the group sport is outdoors, only 4 persons may participate.).
  • The name, address and phone number of any person taking part in one of our programs needs to be recorded each time, on each occasion, they are at the courts. This information is required for tracking purposes by Interior Health.
    While it is appreciated that many players prefer to play doubles, we do ask everyone to follow the regulations above. For those players who are planning to play, but do not want to play singles, we have a couple of suggestions:
  • Rally the ball to each other and then play “21”. Simply, after hitting the ball to each other twice, the ball becomes live and simply the winning shot wins the point. The first player, who reaches “21” wins.
  • If you do not want to play full court, then play cross court singles. This way you do not have to run near as much. Simply, serve the ball across court. The return needs to be across court and so the point goes on. Doubles side lines are out plus should the ball not cross the center line the point is lost. Use regular scoring.


We simply do not know how long Phase 2 will be in effect. However, we will be working with the City to be ready to commence our programs as soon as we are able to do so. 


For Phase 3, ViaSport presently states the following:
∙    Competition slowly introduced.
∙    Regional competition for sports in cohorts
∙     Limited travel


While we will need to wait for direction from ViaSport/Tennis BC, as to the actual impact Phase 3 will have on tennis, we are assuming that doubles will be played. This in turn will mean that we will be able to run the following:

  • Our drop-in programs: in 2019, we had 3 drop-in opportunities
  • Our league play: in 2019, we had leagues nights of 4.0+, 3.5 and 2.5 to 3.0.
  • The FAST program for adults: (Fun Adult Starter Tennis)  In 2019, we organized 5 opportunities for those adults who wanted to learn to play tennis. These players then had the opportunity to play in the 2.5 to 3.0 league.
  • Skills and drills: in 2019, while these were geared for players once they had completed the FAST program, they were also open to all players.
  • A singles ladder:


As you are possibly aware, some of our VTA members voluntarily coordinate the senior tennis morning programs for Vernon Recreation. While we are presently in Phase 2, should we move to Phase 3 in the near future, their plan is to run the following programs:

April 12 to October 14            – Women’s Fun Competitive Tennis
April 12 to October 14            – Men’s Fun Competitive Tennis
April 13 to October 15            – Morning Social Tennis


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VTA Newsletter December 2020

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new information as of Feb. 10, 2021

The Vernon Tennis Association has a Singles Ladder.   This will provide an opportunity for those players interested in competing in singles matches to be ranked according to their results.  Register with with Wendy Bell at for the rules and to submit your scores.  You do not have to be a VTA Member (during the present COVID duration) to participate in the ladder.  The VTA Singles Ladder runs all year round.  Play your matches on any courts you wish then report your scores to Wendy.

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