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  • This page is designated to the  Latest News and contains information on:
    –  BI-MONTHYLY NEWSLETTER – see below
    –  Important information to COVID regulations, and/or changes to VTA programs
    –  Ball Machine – Rules for Use
    –  VTA Singles Ladder – coordinator needed, please contact us if you would like to do this job – recording scores is basically all there is to it – everyone does their own scheduling.


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The VTA Newsletter is published bi-monthly all year long. Read it to keep in touch with what’s happening in tennis, even in the winter.  Your input is important.  If you have something to contribute to the Newsletters (i.e. interesting tennis fact, tennis news of interest to our members, tennis and healthy life-style news, etc.), please use our “Contact Us” icon and email it to our Newsletter staff.

Return to Play Update – January 2022

See below for Via Sports’  mandates for the Return to Sport – 2022

Please see Tennis BC’s information on our HOME page.  Your VTA Board of Directors will keep you informed of any changes as they happen.  We thank all our members for their patience and understanding, once again, in these trying times.


Since our official 2021 tennis season has finished:  The Ball Machine is no longer available for use this season.  It will be ready for your use in the spring 2022 season, but please read and understand the Rules below before contacting the Ball Machine Coordinator.  As the COVID restrictions recede, the rules for use of the Ball Machine may change.  Thank you.

1.  Use of the Ball Machine is free to our 2021 members, with all the restrictions for COVID-19 in place.  Please read all the RULES for Ball Machine Use.
2. VTA Members must book a date and time to use the Machine with Jackie at 778-475-1371 or  so that there are no conflicts in time, and so we will know who used the ball machine and when.
3.  The sessions are for a maximum of 1 hour playing time, and can be booked a maximum of 2 times per week, however, not during VTA reserved court times.  4.  The best times are afternoons between noon and 6:00 pm. during the week, or Wednesday most of the day until 6:00 pm.
5.  Once you have your date and time, if this is your first time with the Ball Machine, Jackie will meet you at the Fabi Shack and take you through a short instruction session to make sure you understand what is involved with the use and operation of the Ball Machine, and the Sanitizing procedure.
6.  Every user MUST SANITIZE  all touch-points on the ball machine, and the ball hoppers,  AFTER use, with the antiseptic cloths provided.
7.  Signing the Green Binder in the Fabi Shack for the date and time you use the Ball Machine, and signing that you have completed sanitization, is your attestation that you have followed all the COVID-19 regulations and have not been in contact with anyone who has the virus.  It is also for contact tracing if ever needed, and keeping track of users if there is a problem with the machine.  Thank You.  (COVID regulations are outlined on the PROTOCOL page of our VTA website, and included in the Green Binder.)
8.  The Green Binder contains all the information you may need to operate the machine safely, after your instruction session – it is imperative that you read this information thoroughly, at least the first time you use the Ball Machine.
9.  Please do not borrow or use the balls in the ball machine for any other purposes. They are to be used for the ball machine only.  Should there be any abuse or misused of any VTA equipment, you will no longer have access to it.    10. Please report any equipment problems immediately to Jackie – 778-475-1371

The VTA is always in need of your help as a ‘participating member’.
You can have a direct impact on tennis in Vernon.
Contact us if you would like to help with the leagues and other programs, or with something else.
Please check the Calendar on the Adult Program page for all the opening dates and times of all the tennis programs.


The Vernon Tennis Association has a Singles Ladder.   Unfortunately at the moment, with all the social and fire restrictions occurring, the ladder has been put on hold.  We are actively looking for a coordinator for the Ladder.  If is an easy, and not time consuming job.  All you do is take the scores and post them to the web, and post a copy on our bulletin board at Marshall field.  If you think you can handle this easy job, please let us know by emailing 

The ladder, when it is up and running again will provide an opportunity for those players interested in competing in singles matches to be ranked according to their results.  Register with Graham Cooper at  for rules and regulations.  You must be a VTA Member to participate in the Ladder.   The VTA Singles Ladder runs all year round.  Play your matches on any courts you wish then report your scores to the coordinator.