Junior Tennis Program


NOTE:  We have added the Facebook group  “Okanagan Junior Tennis Community”  here so parents and young tennis players can access further information regarding tennis in BC. It is a public forum that provides a place for families, coaches and the tennis-curious to share information on upcoming events, competitions, lessons being offered in the area and any other tennis-related resources.
The mission is to continue to expand interest in tennis in the Okanagan among young players. Everyone with an interest in tennis is welcome to join and encouraged to share!


In the next few weeks, we hope to organize some of our programs for our junior tennis players.  Here is some of what to look for in May and June, if all the decisions come to fruition with Vernon Parks Department (because we rent their tennis courts at Marshall Field).

The courts at Marshall Field will hopefully be rented in May and June for children to be involved in a Team Tennis Program.  Basically, the children would be on teams that would play each other. The plan would be  to have the team tennis during the week after school.   Getting to actually play tennis in a team situation is the best way to improve skills that children have learned in lessons.
Parents, look for an email from our Instructor, Graham Cooper, regarding this program next month.  Please do not contact him before we have the information out to you.  Thanks.

REPORT:   Kids Team Tennis at Marshall Field (see picture above)
Program was run on SEPTEMBER 11, 2021 – 12:00 to 2:00 pm

SEPTEMBER 11 – Kids Tennis Day at Marshall Field –   A no-cost-day,  but a fun  day for all.  It was meant to be a fun day for all, and is was, for over 50 children. The idea was for players who have had lessons to bring a friend. That said, children did not need to have had a lesson to attend. There were a number of activities geared to the age and skill level of the players. What if a player did not have a racquet? The VTA supplied all of the equipment and balls plus, any children who did not have a racquet, a racquet was there for them.  Well done, Graham and Volunteers – you entertained and encouraged a total of  over 50 children to enjoy the day and the sport of tennis!!