Junior Tennis Program

Contributor:  Lisa VanderVelde, The Morning Star (2016)

IMPORTANT NOTICE from Graham Cooper, VTA President – May 30, 2021

Unfortunately, the start of our junior tennis program and lessons has been delayed for one month. Full details of our summer program will be posted shortly. While waiting the program to commence, we encourage all juniors who have had previous experience to get out and enjoy playing tennis.

PLANS FOR 2021 and the Junior Development Proram

We are currently working with the Vernon Recreation Department to follow the requirements for “Return to Sport” as they apply to tennis. We hope to have everything in place in the near future. It is our plan to not only provide lessons for the youth in Vernon but also to provide them with opportunities to play. Full details of the program will be posted on this web site plus sent to everyone who has inquired about out junior development program once it is finalized. The plan is to run the program in the spring and summer.


The program used is the Tennis Canada Program. Our instructor is Graham Cooper, who is a certified coach with the Tennis Professionals Association. The protocols from Tennis BC and the Vernon Recreation Department regarding COVID-19 will be followed.  There will be a maximum of 4 players in a group.



Children starting tennis, aged 5-8 years, should be enrolled in the Red Ball classes. The children play on a small court that is ¼ the size of a regular court. Special low nets are used along with a low compression ball that is only 25% the compression of a regular ball. It does not bounce very high and travels much slower.


Children aged 8-10 years should be enrolled in our Orange Ball classes. A 3/4 size court is used with the regular nets.  As the ball has only 50% compression of a regular ball, it does not bounce as high and travels slower.


Children aged over 10 years and new to tennis should be enrolled in our Green Dot Ball classes.  Green dot balls are lighter and have a 75% compression of a regular ball. With the ball travelling slower and not bouncing as high it gives the player more time to set up and is consequently easier to hit than a regular ball. The players play on full sized courts.

YELLOW BALL(yellow ball)

Those students who have refined their skills with the Green Dot Program should enroll in the Yellow Ball Class.


The age groups mentioned above are guidelines as set out by Tennis Canada. While beginning players should start their tennis in these groups as they gain their skills they will be advanced into a higher group.  Whenever possible, players of a similar level are grouped together.