Return to Sport Restart 2.0 Update – 2022

Via Sport has mandated the following Return to Sport information.

Outdoor sport only

• Group Size: There is no maximum group size for participants, coaches, volunteers, staff and officials
• Physical distance does not need to be maintained on or off the field of play.
• Masks: not required on or off the field of play.

If you test positive for COVID-19, follow BCCDC guidance.
Proof of Vaccination: Is required to be shown when asked.
Communicable Disease Response Plan: Sport Organizations are no longer required to have a COVID-19 Safety Plan; however, sport organizations should consider developing a communicable disease prevention plan as per WorkSafe BC guidance to reduce the risk of communicable disease.
Liability: The Province of B.C. extended COVID-19 liability coverage for organizations until December 31, 2022 through the COVID-19 Related Measures Act (CRMA). This protects people and organizations from damages resulting from transmission or exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19.


Message from Tennis BC – January 2022
As we have navigated the pandemic now for nearly two years, one constant is that things change regularly and often quickly.

ViaSport (see above link) have clarified the PHO’s order on Gatherings and Events and we will now be continuing with our scheduled tournaments. There will be information as it relates to each event on the website as COVID Protocols may be different in each venue and/or event. Please continue to check on the website for updates.

Your VTA Board of Directors will keep you as informed as we can.  As It is expected that further changes could be made to the “Return to Sport” prior to the start of our VTA season, updates will be made  as they are received.

Help is always needed.  As a ‘participating member’ you can help in many ways You can have a direct impact on tennis in Vernon by volunteering to coordinate an evening session, a competitive league, or any other program.  WE ARE A PUBLIC TENNIS CLUB, AND ALL OUR BOARD MEMBERS AND COORDINATORS ARE VOLUNTEERS.   Contact us if you would like to help.

The Vernon Tennis Association (VTA) was started in October 2008 to bring together all tennis players of all skill levels within the Vernon area and to offer both competitive and social programs that are not being offered to players currently.

Presently the VTA operates seasonal adult and children’s programs from April to September in “partnership” with Greater Vernon Parks, Recreation and Culture.

The purpose of the VERNON TENNIS ASSOCIATION is:

  • The Vernon Tennis Association shall work towards educating its members and the population of the Greater Vernon area as to the social and physical benefits of playing and supporting tennis.
  • The Association will offer professional tennis instruction, tournament play, and league competition to its membership, residents of Greater Vernon, and the surrounding area, as a means of enhancing Community relations in general.
  • The Association will provide a legal body to coordinate tennis activities within the community, between other communities, and with tennis organizations such as Tennis BC and Tennis Canada, that have similar interests.
  • The Association will also actively encourage and solicit the development of new tennis facilities enabling outreach to more tennis players in the Vernon area.
  • The Vernon Tennis Association is incorporated under the Society Act in the Province of British Columbia, Canada. Society # S-54421.