TENNIS UPDATE – May 14, 2020 – During COVID-19
So what is happening in tennis, and more specifically the VTA

This is the question so many are asking. As far as the VTA is concerned, at this time we are not able to start up our programs and activities as we need to reserve the courts at Marshall Field. Unfortunately, at present, we are not able to do so. 

The good news is that the City is currently working with the BC Recreation & Parks Association that in turn is working with VIA Sport. VIA Sport has been tasked by the province to provide direction and guidelines for reopening sport in B.C. Tennis BC is also working with VIA Sport to assist in giving direction in this regard. So now you have what is happening behind the scenes. 

We have been very fortunate in Vernon to have had the opportunity to use the courts at Marshall, Paddlewheel and Polson. The City has now announced that all pickleball and tennis courts will be open on May 15. The City has given the following direction, “Court users are reminded to maintain proper physical distancing, regularly clean their hands, avoid arriving early or lingering after play time, and to not gather in groups. If anyone is sick, they are asked to remain at home and not use public facilities.”

More good news. I am aware that the City is planning to start the Men’s and Women’s Morning Leagues. While these are Parks and Rec programs, they will need to have the courts reserved. Once a date has been set for the commencement of these programs, I will contact the City to see if we are also able to reserve the courts at Marshall. Once we are able to reserve the courts, we plan to hold a board meeting to discuss how we can move forward.  This will also include setting up a date for our AGM and the format it will take.

I am sorry I am not able to give you specific information but I do believe that changes from the present situation will occur in the very near future.
Graham Cooper, VTA President

The Vernon Tennis Association (VTA) was started in October 2008 to bring together all tennis players of all skill levels within the Vernon area and to offer both competitive and social programs that are not being offered to players currently.

Presently the VTA operates seasonal adult and children’s programs from April to September in “partnership” with Greater Vernon Parks, Recreation and Culture.

The purpose of the VERNON TENNIS ASSOCIATION is:

  • The Vernon Tennis Association shall work towards educating its members and the population of the Greater Vernon area as to the social and physical benefits of playing and supporting tennis.
  • The Association will offer professional tennis instruction, tournament play, and league competition to its membership, residents of Greater Vernon, and the surrounding area, as a means of enhancing Community relations in general.
  • The Association will provide a legal body to coordinate tennis activities within the community, between other communities, and with tennis organizations such as Tennis BC and Tennis Canada, that have similar interests.
  • The Association will also actively encourage and solicit the development of new tennis facilities enabling outreach to more tennis players in the Vernon area.
  • The Vernon Tennis Association is incorporated under the Society Act in the Province of British Columbia, Canada. Society # S-54421.