Membership & Registration

Register for your 2023 Membership HERE.

Help with Registering for VTA Membership – READ BEFORE PROCEEDING
1.  Click on the underlined  2023 Membership above
2.  Fill in the required information –  click: Add to cart
3.  2023 Membership ADDED –  click on  VIEW CART at the top of page.
4.  When in Cart – Proceed to checkout
5. This next page is for those who already have a PayPal Account or want to open one.  To pay by credit, just continue down and click on the last command on the page.
6.  Again, go to the bottom of the page and PROCEED TO PAYPAL – even if you don’t have a PayPal account
7.  Do not “open a PayPal account.  At page bottom click on PAY BY PAYPAL, even though you don’t want to pay by PayPal.
8.  It will take you to the payment page, scroll down until you see PAY BY CREDIT CARD OR  DEBIT CARD  and continue from there.  It is a little confusing, but do not fill out any of the PayPay requirements if you do not want to pay by PayPal.