For Ladies and Men

The Vernon Tennis Association has a Singles Ladder again.  Rules below.

The ladder is up and running again,  and will provide an opportunity for those (male and female) players interested in competing in singles matches to be ranked according to their results.  Register with our new volunteer coordinator, Stephen Blaxland – sblaxland.physio@gmail.com   or  604-360-6915  for rules and regulations.  You must be a VTA Member to participate in the Ladder.   The VTA Singles Ladder runs all year round.  Play your matches on any courts you wish then report your scores to the coordinator.
The results will be posted on the VTA website as well as sent to the players who are on the Ladder.

VTA Tennis Ladder Week 4 Results repeated – no singles in the last week

Rank Name W/L Record
1 Emilio Gonzalez 1-0
2 Jerry Reinhardt
3 Kirbey Lockhart 1-1
4 Ben Johnson
5 Mit Upadhyay 3-0
6 Matt Hill
7 Stephen Blaxland 2-1
8 Brook DesHarnais 0-2
9 Brian vBolhuis 1-0
10 Graham Cooper
11 Dhruv Vaidya 1-2
12 Alex Sauve 0-1
13 Cheryl McCargar
14 Ross Fedy
15 Paige Garbutt 1-0
16 Avi Koren 2-0
17 Heidi Roos 0-1
18 Donna Hichok 0-2


  1. PLAYERS ARRANGE THEIR OWN MATCHES. Ladder matches cannot be scheduled during VTA reserved times. Aim to play weekly, but it is understood that this may not always be possible. If convenient, some players may choose to play more than once per week.
  2. Play “Best of 3 sets” with a 10-point super-breaker (instead of a third full set) if the match is tied at one set each. This is a traditional tiebreaker but goes to 10 points (win by two) rather than 7.
  3. PLAYERS MAY CHALLENGE EITHER OF THE TWO PLAYERS ABOVE THEIR NAME.  If the lower-ranked player defeats the higher-ranked player, they would change spots. If the higher ranked player wins, both players are deemed to have successfully defended their current positions. If you would like to arrange a match with a lower-ranked player (one or two spots below), that is also acceptable. If the lower-ranked player wins, spots are traded. If the higher-ranked player wins, positions remain the same.
  4. MATCH RESULTS MUST BE EMAILED TO THE COORDINATOR, STEPHEN,  A.S.A.P. after your match to :  sblaxland.physio@gmail.com   or   604-360-6915.
  5. The updated ladder will be e-mailed to all participants every Wednesday night. Please have match results into the Coordinator by 10 p.m. on Wednesday to be included in the updated ladder for the following week of play – Thursday through Wednesday.

    Climb the ladder to your tennis success!