VTA Singles Tennis Ladder for Adults

 For Ladies and Men

The ladder will provide an opportunity for those players interested in competing in singles matches, to be ranked according to their results. You must be a VTA member to participate.

The VTA Singles Ladder runs all year round.  Play your matches on any courts, anywhere, any time; then report your scores. The results will be sent to the players who are on the ladder.

To register please contact our volunteer coordinator,
Stephen Blaxland – sman139@hotmail.com.    

Latest VTA Singles Ladder Results:

Rank Player W/L
1 Jerry Reinhardt
2 Kirbey Lockhart
3 Cliff Winter
4 Matt Hill
5 Akeem Olatunde 1-0
6 (OFF) Pat Stich
7 Stephen Blaxland 1-0
8 Brook DesHarnais 2-2
9 Mark Vuckovic 1-1
10 Paige Garbutt 0-2
11 Shawn Jennings
12 Graham Cooper
13 Mahmoud Farajmandi
14 Coral Rosario 1-0
15 Cheryl McCargar 0-1


  • This is first and foremost a social league with the hopes of singles players finding fun and competitive matches by a relative ranking system. Players arrange their own matches.
  • There is no minimal number of games needed to participate but it is best if everyone intends to play at least twice a month in order to have a variety of games for others involved. If someone needs a break for any reason let me know and I’ll hold your spot but mark you as OFF until you return.
  • Suggested scoring is to play 2 full sets and then third set as a super tiebreak (first to 10 points). Any format is acceptable as long as agreed upon by both players (e.g. shorter sets at beginning of season or after returning from time off is advised). Please indicate the true score on the spreadsheet.
  • You must be a VTA member to participate. Register here if needed: https://vernontennis.com/membership-registration/
  • You may challenge anyone within 2 spots above or below you in the ladder. For those at the bottom two slots feel free to challenge anyone 3 spots above you in order to increase variety. If you win against a player ranked higher then you, take his/her spot on the ladder.
  • Play your matches on any courts, anywhere, any time; then report your scores on the spreadsheet. You may not play at Marshall Fields during reserved doubles league play (unless a court happens to be unused).
  • Select someone to report your score onto the Google spreadsheet after the game. Please do not move your spot on the ladder as this will be done by me. If anyone has technical difficulties then please email me and I will input the score. Ladder ranking will be updated weekly and ranking will be posted periodically on the VTA website in order to generate interest in the ladder. Steve will try to do month end email updates.

The updated ladder will be e-mailed to all participants.

Climb the ladder to your tennis success!