The VTA held its 2023 Annual General Meeting on April 19. Membership registration is up and running. Annual fee remains at $80.00/adult and can be paid with a credit card.

President  –  Graham Cooper
V. President  – Ron Burton
Secretary  – Carol Jenkins
Treasurer  –  Frits Bakker
Facilities Coordinator  –  Frits Bakker, Ron Burton
Publicity – position is currently open
Director at Large  –  Ron Burton. Brian van Bolhuis, Kristen Read
Membership and Communications Coordinator: Jackie Labuhn – vtavernon@gmail.com

VERNON TENNIS ASSOCIATION holds it’s Annual General Meetings (AGM) in the middle of April of every year.
The VTA does not open for play until after the AGM.  Membership Registrations (only on-line) are also not available until after the AGM.  VTA memberships are valid from April to April of the next year.  The VTA is an out-door, seasonal, public facility serving the Vernon and area communities.

 VTA members and anyone interested in tennis are encouraged to attend the AGM. Those wishing to learn or enhance their tennis skills, are invited to let our Board of Directors know the direction they would like to see the VTA go in the future.  Your voice is important to us, so please make an effort to attend the AGM if you can.  Thank you.

Mission Statement:

The Vernon Tennis Association shall work towards educating its members and the population of the Greater Vernon area as to the social and physical benefits of playing and supporting tennis.

The Association will offer professional tennis instruction, tournament play, and league competition to its membership, residents of Greater Vernon, and the surrounding area, as a means of enhancing Community relations in general.

The Association will provide a legal body to coordinate tennis activities within the community, between other communities, and with tennis organizations such as Tennis BC and Tennis Canada, that have similar interests.

The Association will also actively encourage and solicit the development of new tennis facilities enabling outreach to more tennis players in the Vernon area.