President  –  Graham Cooper
V. President  – Carol Jenkins
Secretary  – if you are interested, please contact us
Treasurer  –  Paul Boyko
Facilities Coordinator  –  Joe Fabi, Frits Bakker
Publicity – Wendy Bell
Directors at Large  –  Mike Kozlowski, Ron Burton, and Jeremy Bell
Membership and Communications Coordinator: Jackie Labuhn – vtavernon@gmail.com

Mission Statement:

The Vernon Tennis Association shall work towards educating its members and the population of the Greater Vernon area as to the social and physical benefits of playing and supporting tennis.

The Association will offer professional tennis instruction, tournament play, and league competition to its membership, residents of Greater Vernon, and the surrounding area, as a means of enhancing Community relations in general.

The Association will provide a legal body to coordinate tennis activities within the community, between other communities, and with tennis organizations such as Tennis BC and Tennis Canada, that have similar interests.

The Association will also actively encourage and solicit the development of new tennis facilities enabling outreach to more tennis players in the Vernon area.