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Membership registration for 2023 is up and running. Annual fee remains at $80.00/adult and can be paid with a credit card. [Please see Membership & Registration page for further information.]

    – April-May newsetter available now.
  2. Important changes to VTA programs and Courses offered:  Please note that there will be no VTA tennis during the Pickleball Tournament which is being held at Marshall Field tennis courts from May 10 – 14, 2023. 
    – NEW LADIES PROGRAM offered on Wednesday evening – see below.
  3. Ball Machine –  See Rules for the Use of Ball Machine below.
  4. Also check out the Singles Tennis Ladder page on the Opening Page Menu

THIS MESSAGE IS ESPECIALLY FOR THE LADIES:   NEW PROGRAM ON WEDNESDAY EVENINGS – 6:30 to 8:30 and after, if we get enough players.

The VTA wants to establish a Ladies Competitive /Social Doubles Tennis League on Wednesday evenings at Marshall Field. You need to be a member of the VTA to participate (membership fee $80.00 register on-line), and you get all the other benefits of membership, such as:  ball machine use, Skills and Drills programs, drop-in tennis, mini/fun tournaments.
Read the information below.
WEDNESDAY – 6:30 – 8:00 pm – NEW LEAGUE – LADIES COMPETITIVE/SOCIAL DOUBLES TENNIS LEAGUE – 2.5-3.5 level (but may be revised if needed as ladies sign-up).  Contact: Deanna Jones,

At least eight players are needed to make this happen, more would be an advantage.  
Please contact Deanna ASAP, if you are interested.  Let’s get this going!  🎾😎👍.

are always available on-line – – click on the link below:

VTA Newsletter April-May 2023

VTA Newsletter February 2023.docx

The VTA Newsletter is published bi-monthly all year long. Read it to keep in touch with what’s happening in tennis, even in the winter.  Your input is important.  If you have something to contribute to the Newsletters (i.e. interesting tennis fact, tennis news of interest to our members, tennis and healthy life-style news, etc.), please use our “Contact Us” icon and email it to our Newsletter staff.


The Ball Machine is available to VTA members only, at no charge.  You must have taken a ball machine workshop prior to using the ball machine.  They are scheduled throughout the season.

VTA members may use the machine on Court #1 at Marshall Field any time, except during:
– VTA reserved times, and
– Parks and Recreation morning reserved times.

If there are players on Court #1, you can ask them kindly move to another court. As these are public courts, if they prefer not to, you will have to wait or come back another time.

Most afternoons and weekends, as well as Wednesday most of the day, are good times to use the ball machine.

You may use the machine for a maximum of 1 hour playing time, 2 times per week.

VTA leagues and coordinators may use the machine during VTA reserved times and for lessons and instructions only.

A Green Binder is kept with the ball machine in the Fabi Shack. In this binder, you must print your name and date, as well as record the time you take the ball machine out and the time you bring it back; initial the last column and provide any comments you may have.

The Green Binder contains all the information on operating the machine safely. Even if you have attended the workshop, it is important to read this information carefully, especially if you are using the machine the first time.

Please do not borrow or add balls to the ball machine; or use these balls for any other purpose. These balls are specifically for use in the ball machine only.

Never put wet balls in the machine.

Should there be any abuse or misuse of any VTA equipment, you will no longer have access to it.
Please report any equipment problems immediately to Jackie – 778-475-1371.

[Revised May 9, 2023]

The VTA is always in need of your help as a ‘participating’ member.
You can have a direct impact on tennis in Vernon.
Contact us if you would like to help with the leagues and other programs, or with something else.
Please check the Calendar on the Adult Program page for all the opening dates and times of all the tennis programs.