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Ball Machine – Rules for Use

SATURDAY, JUNE 11, 2022 at Marshall Field Court

The sun was out for us all day!  What a wonderful surprise.  Everyone was dressed in their Team colour.  Some very original outfits appeared – way to go!

The first 4 doubles rounds were played in the glorious sun.  Players were just getting heated up, when we all took a much needed break for lunch.
 After a BBQ hot dog lunch, and many tasty dishes supplied by our wonderful members, the last 2 Rounds were completed.
INITIAL RESULTS:  Orange Team = 61 points;  Green Team = 61 points;  Purple Team = 57;  Blue Team = 50 points.  Hello?!  We have a first-ever occurrence; a first-time ever TIE between Orange and Green Teams!  Never having had this situation before, the organizers quickly asked the two teams to pick a mixed doubles team to play-off in a tie-break to 7 games, win by 2.
Each Team picked their mixed doubles play-off team.  The four players chosen played a match of the first to reach 7 games  by 2.
  • So Ben Johnson/Deanna Jones and Mit Upadhyay/Faith Quintillan battled it out while the crowd went WILD  😲  Initially, the Orange Team took the lead, but, look out, the Green Team forged ahead in the end to WIN 7/5.
  • Congratulations to the Green Team:  all Green Team Players (in doubles pairs) – Heidi Roos/Graham Cooper;  Marian Wilson/Paul Boyko;  Mit Upadhyay/Faith Quintillan; Ron Burton/Paul Boyko (playing twice due to lack of full draw).  The Green Team received their prizes and went on to have well deserved bragging rights!
We never forget the players who take our suggestion “to be creative” to heart, and to thank those who contribute prizes.
  • Winners of the best creative outfit were:  Carol Jenkins and Donna Stevens – way to go ladies.
  •  A big “Thank You” to Predator Ridge for their donation of two generous gift certificates won by Donna Steven and Karen McGarrity.

It was a great day for tennis and for making new friends.  A big ‘Thank You’ to Wendy and Jeremy Bell who did a great job with the Scorekeeping and kept everyone on time and in line.  Thank you also to those who contributed food to share – it is so very much appreciated and always tasty.  We mustn’t forget to thank Kristine Read for getting the coffee from Tim Hortons, and Tim Horton’s for supplying it.
Paul B, Marian W, Ron B, Graham C, Heidi R, Faith Q, and Mit U.
(The Motley Crew!)





Frits B, Dhruv V, Donna S, Ben J, Ian T.
(The only Team to prepare a great Cheer!)






NEWS BULLITIN Our Internet Technician has installed a Webcam in the Fabi Shack so we can monitor the weather on Marshall field courts.  Yea!  Go to our website ,  go to the bottom of the Menu on the left of the page, click on Webcam, and you will get a picture of the courts and the area weather conditions. Please be patient, we are having webcam difficulties, we hope to have it fixed soon.  In the meantime, try watching the Vernon Airport Cams at, go down the page and click on View the North East Camera.  It gives you a good idea of the condition you may find on the courts opposite.


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1.  Use of the Ball Machine is free to our 2022 members,  Please read all the RULES for Ball Machine Use.
2. VTA Members must have taken a Ball Machine workshop to be able to access the Fabi Shack for the Ball Machine.
3.  The Board has stated that the Ball Machines sessions are for a maximum of 1 hour playing time, and can be used a maximum of 2 times per week, however, not during VTA reserved court times.
4.  The best times are afternoons between noon and 6:00 pm. during the week, or Wednesday most of the day until 6:00 pm.  Weekend are also a good time, however, be courteous of anyone else on the courts.  The Ball Machine can be dangerous if used improperly.
5.  Signing the Green Binder in the Fabi Shack for the date and time you use the Ball Machine, is your attestation that you have followed all the rules.  It is also for keeping track of users if there is a problem with the machine.  Thank You.
6.  The Green Binder contains all the information you may need to operate the machine safely, after your instruction session – it is imperative that you read this information thoroughly, at least the first time you use the Ball Machine.
7.  Please do not borrow or use the balls in the ball machine for any other purposes.  Also do not put other used or new balls in the machine.  The weight of the balls is paramount to the way the ball hopper in the machine works.
8. Should there be any abuse or misuse of any VTA equipment, you will no longer have access to it.
9. Please report any equipment problems immediately to Jackie – 778-475-1371

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