Membership & Registration

Register for your 2022 Membership here.

Help with Registering for VTA Membership – READ BEFORE PROCEEDING
1.  Click on the underlined  2021 Membership above
2.  Fill in the required information –  click: Add to cart
3.  2021 Membership ADDED –  click on  VIEW CART
4.  When in Cart – Proceed to checkout
5.  This next page is for those who a;lready have a PayPal Account or want to open one.
6.  If you do not have one – go to the bottom of the page and PROCEED TO PAYPAL – if you do not have a PayPal account
7.  Where it says “open a PayPal account – click:  NOT NOW
8.  It will take you to the payment page, scroll down until you see PAY BY CREDIT CARD OR VISA DEBIT CARD  and continue from there.  It is a little confusing, but do not fill out any of the PayPay requirements if you do not want to pay by PayPal.